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For Sale

Restoration Project
1929 Davis D-1K Serial #502
Registration  N77N  Current

Includes complete drawings and wing rib patterns

New  Parts

Fuselage 90%
Center Section
Elevators 90%
Vertical fin 90%
Fuel tank
New steel fuselage stringers
All 4130 steel
Most 4130 tube and sheet metal to complete
Original carburetor  air box
5 Bayonet exhausts
Non restored consolidated instrument panel
New tach
Most original sheet metal
One complete Kinner K-5 engine
Enough parts to build at least two more K-5 engines
Hamilton ground adjustable propeller appears overhauled
Set of mica spark plugs
Wheels and brakes

650 302-6866

1/2 Interest in 67 Mooney M20F Executive 21 Aircraft
1/2 Interest in 67 Mooney M20F Executive 21   $25,000
Airframe  3725
SMOH       711
SPOH         221
Engine      IO360 200 Horse Power

Base at Scottsdale SDL  NOV-MAY
Based at Mogollon Air Park  AZ82  JUN-OCT

Jim Brown





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